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If cosmetics are your passion, you have talent and skills for manual work - join the group of Perfect Lady stylists!

And if you want to show your skills to others by using our products  - become an ambassador of our brand!

Explore our training systems


Using our urdy products requires learning about their operation and application. In order to prepare you as best as possible for your dream job, to provide the comfort of contact and advice to the client, we have implemented a series of professional training courses. We conduct training in two organizational models:

1. Individual training organized by our consultants throughout the country. These trainings end with obtaining a training completion certificate. We offer training for those who are just starting their adventure with styling, as well as training in various forms of nail care and styling and SPA treatments.

2. Perfect Lady Academies organized several times a year. We invite the best stylists from Poland and abroad to the academy, present new products and give you the opportunity to exchange views on both our products and changing trends.

If you are interested in our certification training offers, write to us or propose an interesting topic about the academy that is worth presenting to the community of our Perfect Women!

If you are interested in our training offer, or if you want us to raise an important topic during the Academy, please leave us your details and the message. We will definitely not leave your message unanswered.

Do you know our products perfectly? Do you want to share your knowledge with others? Be sure to leave us your information, we are probably looking for you!

Managed to! The message has arrived.

Become an ambassador of our brand!


If you like Perfect Lady Professional Products and want to use them in your daily work, become our brand ambassador! If you can create beautiful things using our products - share it with us! Send us a photo or video of the implementation - if we like it, we will certainly reward you!

If your skills are so great that you want to share them with others - also write to us! We will be happy to learn about your strengths and invite you to join the group of our stylists, and we will gladly reward you for the training you conduct.




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