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Contract production

Contract production

Tell us about your needs and we will provide you with the best solution. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis both in the area of customer needs and the market situation.  

Our development team will develop a product concept, match the appropriate formula depending on the assumed price and goals. Our advantage is the possibility of producing also small series
and see how the market will accept them.

We offer our clients experience, innovation and individual approach during product development. Your product is unique and most important to us.

We are able to produce both long and short production series.
Our quality control is present at every stage of production. See what we specialize in and in which product area we are able to help you.

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Certyfikat ISO

Our 3 collaboration promises:

  • Your project is exceptional, one and only for us - we treat each project individually.

  • You can confidently entrust us with the entire production process or any stage of it - we guarantee professionalism.

  • If you want our cooperation to remain  we guarantee confidentiality and discretion only between us.

Our advantage is the scalability of the order and the possibility of production as well  small series.  In this way, you can check how the product will be accepted by the market without the need to invest very large funds.

Get to know our production process!

  • You can go ahead  entrust us with the entire process of product preparation or only a selected one  items. See how we work to complete your order!

  • We have devoted many years to developing innovative products for our customers. We constantly improve and develop recipes to remain a leading industry leader. They are also improved thanks to user feedback.

  • Our clients use a modern research and development laboratory and the experience of our highly qualified technologists. We owe the success of our company to modern technology, competitive prices, short delivery times and customer satisfaction.

  • Our specialists propose ready solutions, provide professional answers and technical support. Our research department constantly improves the existing recipes and develops completely new products using the latest scientific achievements.

  • Our traders and logistics specialists are at your disposal by sending the ordered products to any place of the selected country or we will store them as much as you need.


  • The key to success for us is the right combination: product properties / application benefits / user benefits.

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