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Patronage salon

Patronage salon

Do you run a beauty salon and want to establish a relationship with a stable partner? Do you want to focus on what you do best and not worry about the delivery of cosmetics? Do you need marketing support? We are happy to help! We will deliver the products you have ordered and remind you about your purchases.

Patronage program

Perfect Lady Professional Products


BECAPRO offers support to our Partners who have or plan to open a beauty salon. As part of the cooperation, we offer:

- a wide range of products that allow you to run a salon,

- the possibility of co-deciding on the development of the brand and product range,

- participation in the design of new products,

- access to new products produced by our company,

- attractive prices of products directly from the manufacturer,

- high quality of products,

- training for stylists,

- marketing support in running a salon,

- help in arranging the salon,

- participation in integration meetings organized by BECAPRO Sp. z o. o

Joining this program will require close cooperation with our company.


Perfect Lady Patronage Salon is a unique offer of partnership cooperation without interfering with the way your business is run. We will help you only when you want to. Patronage salons do not compete with each other, but create one common community of people who pursue their passion. We create a forum for the exchange of views so that your business develops as well as possible and we grow with you.


Set sail with us to the wide waters! Ask about the rules of cooperation and build a network of patron stores together with us

Leave us your details - it will allow us to prepare an individual offer and facilitate direct contact.

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