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Those who think they don't have time to play sports, sooner or later will have to find time to get sick - Edward Stanley

The medical art is to entertain the patient, while nature heals the disease. - Voltaire

A man who can talk to a tree doesn't need a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, a lot of people think otherwise - Phil Bosmans

A person for health needs a proper diet, plenty of exercise in the fresh air, coping with stress and ... plenty of water

It may sound very simple, but how often do we forget about these basic principles that would allow us to avoid many ailments, or even diseases. Let's try to remember about it, use it regularly, if possible, and certainly our life will look more beautiful, because it's just healthier.

Man sacrifices his health to earn money and then spends money to recover. In addition, he is so concerned about his future that he does not enjoy the present. As a result, he is neither living in the present nor in the future; he lives as if he would never die, and then dies, not really alive

The Dalai Lama


Stress is present in our lives whether we like it or not. It cannot be avoided, it cannot be not seen. It is stress that is usually the beginning of our ailments or later diseases.


Therefore, let's try to act in such a way that everything in our life has the right proportions. For each of us, these proportions will probably be different, but none of the areas should be lower than 15% of our commitment.


The disturbance of these proportions will sooner or later disturb our organism. Without taking care of our own health, we will certainly not be able to focus on finances and professional work. We will soon translate problems at work into relationships with family and friends. If we are not able to communicate with our loved ones, we will not find solace in rest from all other spheres of activity. Lack of rest and time just for yourself can lead to only one thing - health problems. All these areas are highly interdependent and we must not forget about any of them.


In times of genetically modified food, pollution of the environment, threats from ever new civilization diseases, it is extremely important to ensure the right amount of nutrients for our body. Some natural ingredients that allow our body to function properly undergo a natural reduction with age, which is why it is so important to balance them wisely.

Not all nutrients can be provided to the body in the form of daily meals, so sometimes it is wise to reach for good-quality dietary supplements that will help us survive the increased demand for a given ingredient or even supplement its deficiencies. However, remember not to overdo it - dietary supplements will not replace a well-balanced diet, they can only help to balance it!

Physical activity improves health in a number of ways:

  • protects against osteoporosis,

  • increases the amount of bone capacity,

  • promotes weight loss and maintaining the desired weight,

  • improves metabolism,

  • reduces depression and anxiety,

  • improves mental condition,

  • builds a sense of value,

  • improves physical condition,

  • reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes ,

  • reduces cellulite and prevents excessive accumulation of adipose tissue.

Moving is healthy

Movement is health - this is an undeniable fact that sports doctors, therapists and cardiologists have been repeating for over half a century. Cycling , jogging in the morning and exercising daily are the most common types of activities that improve your well-being and are effective for longevity. There are several reasons why it is worth doing sports - thanks to it you can lower blood pressure and the level of bad cholesterol . Sport helps to burn excess body fat and is a remedy for stress, premenstrual tension and other conditions.

water of life

Water is the basic building block of our body.  Our average daily water requirement is 30 ml per kg of body weight.
We do not appreciate its role, and yet many ailments and even diseases would disappear only by irrigating the body with appropriate water.
There is also no better cosmetic treatment than good hydration of the body cells (the effects of firming and smoothing the skin appear after 2-3 weeks. Additionally, the effect of efficient body cleansing of toxins causes the skin to acquire a nice, healthy shade.
Good hydration is also conducive to losing unnecessary kilograms and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Actually, everything that each of us desires, that is health, a nice complexion, a slim figure, well-being, energy, rejuvenation of the body are not possible without the importance of water in the lifestyle.
With the help of water, food and oxygen are transferred to the cells.
  But not all water will do its job.

In order for the water to perform its functions, deacidify, cleanse toxins well, be fully digestible, rejuvenate and act as an antioxidant, strengthen our vitality, it must meet certain conditions.

Water is an indispensable component of life. Its deficiency limits the proper development and proper functioning of the body. It is an environment in which all life processes take place. The importance of water is often underestimated. It is worth recalling that the water balance for an adult person is 2.5-3 liters per day, for a child it is in the range of 1.5-2.5 liters per day. The importance of water for human life is also evidenced by the fact that the body contains about 65% of it. Due to the fact that we constantly lose water, it is necessary to replenish the lack of it. Inadequate irrigation will certainly manifest itself in the second half of life at the latest. The older we get, the more water we should drink. Thanks to this, we are able to maintain physical and mental health. Water is the safest liquid for humans because it does not react with food and does not contain calories. Water "escapes" very quickly from the body, incl. when crying, digesting, breathing or sweating.

Regular drinking of water regulates the appetite and the digestive process, but most of all it helps to remove toxins from the body. Water shortage is very bad for the body because it puts a strain on the kidneys, which cannot filter the blood properly. Water is the main transport medium for the materials that cells need, but also for the excretion of superfluous substances. Consuming the right amount of fluids ensures well-being and the proper functioning of the entire body. Remember that the most water is in the lungs, kidneys, heart, muscles, brain and liver.

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